The Nancy Ray Shop exists to inspire and educate others with practical information needed to take hold of the life and businesses we want.

“I want others to stand on my shoulders. Rather than starting from scratch, I want other leaders and entrepreneurs and mamas and believers to have the tools needed to start. Rather than feeling stuck, I want them to feel empowered to take that next step, whether it’s getting up earlier or hiring your first employee.”

- Nancy Ray

This shop was born because we believe in generosity.
We believe in living life with open hands.
We believe in sharing the lessons we have learned along the way.
We believe in a God who has blessed us, so that we can also be a blessing to others.
We believe that wisdom and knowledge are powerful.
We believe the internet is a new and incredible tool that can truly help others grow.
And we believe in our little corner of the internet.

We are so grateful to have you here!

Nancy Ray is a wife, mama, worshipper, speaker, business owner and photographer. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, she photographs weddings and families while joyfully leading a small team of film photographers who are passionate about legacy. The heart behind her brand is fueled by legacy. She regularly speaks at conferences and retreats throughout the year including Making Things Happen, The Influence Conference, Pursuit, and Return to Rest. Her work is regularly featured in the pages of Southern Weddings Magazine, The Knot, Ruffled, Cottage Hill Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings blog and Snippet & Ink. She lives and works in Raleigh with her husband Will, daughter Milly, and Great Dane Winston.