Business Budgeting Guide

Business Budgeting Guide

$ 39.99

Budgeting and planning your cash flow within a business can be a real struggle. How can you budget if you don't know how much money you're going to have this month?  

The truth is, most of us *know* we should be budgeting, but few of us actually do. This guide will show you how. Not only will it explain the method, but it includes an interactive PDF that will help you plan your cash flow in your business each month in a step-by-step format. 

This guide also includes a sample Nancy Ray Photography budget from April 2014, so you can see what some typical expenditures could be for any given month, and what this guide could help you create.

Delivered in electronic form (no physical product), the Budgeting Guide requires the latest version of Adobe Reader, downloadable from NOTE: Apple Preview not recommended for use with this document.